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Soap Offerings
Experience the ultimate in earth-friendly, skin loving handmade soap! Our special recipe produces a wonderful fragrant lather, rinses clean, and leaves you silky smooth. Each batch is created using the finest olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, soy oil, and castor oil and is further enriched with the addition of sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and mango butter for an incredible bathing experience!

Our handmade soap is natural soap and vegetarian soap
Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders of $60.00 or more! All soap denoted with an * indicates it is scented using only pure, aromatherapy grade essential oils and is 100% natural. Even our soap scented using a combination of pure essential oils and/or the highest quality fragrance is over 97% natural. So go ahead indulge! We have the perfect scent to suit your every whim. Want to feel calm and grounded, or take a walk on the wild side? It's up to you. Our soap is handmade from scratch using the 'cold-process' method, & contains absolutely no animal-derived ingredients.

Be sure to check out our new FANTASTIC stone soap dishes at the bottom of the page!

All soap $5.50 per bar
handcut net weight approx. 4.75+ oz

Almond Swirl
A decadently rich almond scent, swirled with real cocoa powder. This is a truly intoxicating aroma.

*Australian Mud Masque
Tea tree oil is combined with essential oils of peppermint and lavender. We have added French green clay, and peppermint herb. French green clay helps to purify and balance the skin.

Island Mango

Mmmm...the luscious tropical blend of island fruits with a hint of exotic florals. Can't take that vacation to the tropics, bring the scents of the islands to you.

*Blue Moon
Scented with essential oils of sweet orange, tangerine, and patchouli each working in perfect harmony with one another. This spectacular blend can be described as radiant, sensual, and uplifting. The aroma will get you feeling so good, you'll want to hug the world!

Picture coming soon!
Clover Blossom Tea
We start with an infusion of Red Clover Blossoms to make this wonderful tea soap. An incredible herbal tea scent with notes of sweet berries.


Cucumber Melon
The aroma of fresh cucumber and the sweet juicy scent of freshly sliced melon. A favorite at local markets! The perfect scent for the summer!

Fabulous spearmint soap, perfect for those who find it difficult to get going in the morning. Mint makes a superb summer soap, due to its cooling properties.

Forest Fantasy
Experience the energies of the pine forest. This is a rich, complex, velvety pine that will awaken the spirit.

This soap combines the 'earthiness' of patchouli with the sweet, exotic scent of ylang ylang, geranium, & mandarin among others. Plus a generous sprinkling of patchouli herb tossed in. Very moisturizing. This is an all time favorite of both men and women. Could it be because both patchouli and ylang ylang are famous for their aphrodisiac properties? Why not find out!

Texas Peach
Texas Hill County peaches are famous world-wide, and this soap smells just like the real thing. The scent is fresh, juicy and delicious! 

Picture coming soon!
Turkish Coffee
A very complex blend of coffee, cocoa, cardomon, and a hint of nutmeg. Real brewed Starbucks® coffee and grounds are natural deodorizers. 

*Patchouli Lover 
This one is for patchouli lovers. Patchouli has a rich, earthy, woodsy aroma that is extremely grounding. Reminiscent of the 60's. 

Soap Goddess Lavender Meadows Soap
Ah.....the pure, clean aroma of lavender. It is a classic essential oil that has been used for centuries for its calming, and skin rejuvenating properties and is a timeless scent that conjures up feelings of child-like innocence. Only the finest Bulgarian Lavender is used.

*Lemongrass Poppyseed
Lemon and lemongrass awaken the senses, tone and revive the skin. Poppyseeds are added for exfoliation. Emotionally very uplifting.

picture coming soon!
Canyon Trail
Oakmoss, Lavender, and Patchouli make an incredible men's blend. Clean, earthy, and outdoorsy at the same time. Earthy color with terra cotta & green highlights. Quite manly!


Spirit of Taos
Sacred scents of sweetgrass, sage, and cedar touched with fir balsam and alpine hay. A delicate, yet complex blend  inspired by the great Southwest. Ivory with green and terra cotta swirls. 

Balinese Rainforest

Refreshing citrus scents are touched with woodsy-mossy chypre notes that will evoke the luscious aroma of the rain forest. This is a wonderfully soothing, yet refreshing scent that will help to allow the stress of daily life to fade away and leave you singing in the shower.

Sugar Plum Spice
A seductive blend of sweet, ripe plums and warm spice. Both women and men love this delectable scent.

picture coming soon!
Spiritual Meditation
This soap combines the ancient and spiritual fragrances of  frankincense & myrrh, touched with amber and vanilla. A deep, woodsy and earthy unisex bar. A caramel color bar with subtle swirls.

*Sun Splash
A totally awesome combination of citrus essential oils (juicy orange & tangerine, among others). Refreshingly sunny, bright, and uplifting. This soap is a favorite of everyone.......men, women, and children. Sunshine in a soap!

Sandalwood Vanilla
picture coming soon!
Intoxicating and sensual! Our new scent is the perfect combination of woodsy sandalwood, a hint of musk, combined with a perfect blend of vanilla. Perfect for both women and men. The vanilla turns the soap a rich brown color. We have added gold mica stamp, which looks simply beautiful against the rich color of the soap.

*Oatmeal (unscented)
picture coming soon!
This soap contains ground oatmeal and no added scent of any kind.

Yemaya's Sea Garden
This soap is quickly becoming a favorite of women everywhere. Picture yourself walking along the coast after a storm, inhale deeply and take in the fresh aroma of the sea, kissed with the cleansing scent of a newly fallen rain. Look out towards the horizon and imagine Yemaya's Sea Garden (Yemaya is the beautiful and powerful Goddess of the ocean). Can you see her playing among the dancing seaweed?

Seasonal & New Soaps!

 Valentine's Day Gift Box

Valentine's Day Soap Box
What a great way to say "I love you", or 'I like you a lot", or "You're my BFF", or whatever you want. You'll receive one bar of Rose Petal soap, and one bar of Japanese Grapefruit soap in a clear box. Complete with bright fucshia fill, and ribbon.

 Rose Petal Soap
Rose Petal Soap
Just for Valentine's Day. A beautiful red rose scented soap, topped with dried rose petals, and stamped with a heart.

 Japanese Grapefruit Soap
Japanese Grapefruit Soap
A fantastic new soap. We love the bright scent of grapefruit and know that you will love it too!!

 Hot Chocolate Soap
Soap Goddess Hot Chocolate Soap
For chocolate lovers! This delectable soap smells just like a cup of hot chocolate, but without the guilt!

SALE! $4.50 per bar
Frankincense & Myrrh
Soap Goddess Frankincense & Myrrh Soap
A deep and resinous blend that goes back to before the time of the 3 wisemen. Perfect for men and women.

SALE! $4.50 per bar
 *Dead Sea Mineral Mud
Soap Goddess Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap
This is a wonderful soap that contains Dead Sea Mineral Mud. Scented with Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Lavender, and Lemon essential oils.

Starlit Sky

A magical blend of mints, rosemary, berries, and spice. This gorgeous soap is deep blue with white chunks throughout. 


Unique tart, fruity scent of the Pomegranate. Can you say YUM! 


We start with calendula infused olive oil, add a heavenly blend of essential oils like lavender, clary sage, and sweet orange, among others, then add calendula  blossoms for visual interest. 

Hawaiian Gardenia
Soap Goddess Hawaiian Gardenia Soap

A very romantic, flowy, feminine scent of the tropical gardenia.



 Natural Stone Soap Dish $14.99
I have searched years to find dishes like these! Hand produced by a wonderful woman artisan right here in the USA. Each and every dish is a unique work of art, crafted from natural stone including Rainforest Green Marble, Rainforest Brown Marble, Golden Honey Onyx, Inca Gold Travertine, Vegetable Green Marble, Peach Travertine, Black Lightning Marble, Bianco Romano Granite, Red Bordeaux Granite & Italian Dark Green Marble. Each dish is sealed to protect the stone, and has cork feet underneath. 

Colors vary, but we promise you will be thrilled! If you do have a preference, let us know during checkout in the comments section.  

Measures 3.5" x 4"


Wooden Soap Dish  Wooden "Soap Saver" Soap Dish $4.00
Made from solid juniper this beautiful soap dish will keep your soap out of standing water, making it last longer!
Measures 4 3/4 x 3 3/8

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